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We may not be able to eliminate all the suffering in the world. But we can stop shaming ourselves and others for feeling anger about the injustices, and instead use our anger as a force of planetary change. If we are committed to peace and uplifting ourselves and the planetary consciousness of humanity, we can't leave out healthy expressions of any human feelings. . My 2 cents..😊❤

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I reached the turning point. Posting these videos and releasing Taking Back the Throne is my decree to the Earth that I will give my 200% to speak what needs to be spoken and declare the full spectrum of my heart for the benefit of all beings.
NOT just when it feels peaceful and joyous and positive. But also when the demons must be slayed.


An event to support the healing of gaia, in the cave of Praia Mole, in Florianópolis, at the southern end of the world, we will sing the song made to honor the Council of Dragons.

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A modality of creative play that utilizes
movement, sound, ritual, and immersion in nature to extend the usual boundaries
of conscious awareness and expression. As a facilitator, Sara guides participants
towards inner refuges of healing and the realms of poetry and dreams, catalyzing
a journey of exploration and self-discovery that encompasses the mundane and
the mythic, the subtle and the sublime.  

Next Temple Dance 22.11


Satiya Sounds Music -

A completely unique show, where musical frequencies are deeply healing. Satíya loves to be present at festivals and world events for the rise of gaya. Invite our tribe to be at your event.


A three-hour experience demonstrating the power of Rhytme Medicine in which all the molecules in your body are invited to step out of their place and redefine joy and pleasure. A lively party for your soul.

See our meeting schedule or contact our tribe to have this life celebration with you.

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Taking back a Throne
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