Beyond the Roaring and Perilous River Of Words, Love quietly Awaits Us.

Satiya Sounds Music - - about Sara

Beyond the Roaring and Perilous River of Words, Love Quietly Awaits Us 

My Gift

Her mission is to inspire others to connect with the unique brilliance of their hearts’ song, to crystallize vistas of imagination, and to cultivate the raw materials of inner radiance and joy. 

After traveling and living around the globe, performing and teaching sacred dance and yoga, and immersing herself in decades of shamanic and trance dance cultures, Sara danced her way through pregnancy and birthed her daughter, Lumina. This sacred initiation deepened her reverence for life and her dedication to inspiring others to discover their creativity and walk the sacred way of value for all life.

Sara has received extensive training and certifications in Kundalini & Hatha Yoga, Odissi Indian classical dance, Tribal Bellydance, Five Element Bodywork Therapy, Dance Theater, and Naad Yoga, as well as studying Art & Design at Philadelphia College of Art & Textiles. 



In the dance of life, I found in music a way to enact my codes and safely deliver my love. Dive with me in those sounds.

Sowed Codes

The music codes I receive are incredible for the new minds of the world, so support the new land and download it on to sow music that heals in gaya.


Music transcends language. Music connects us with the energy behind every definition of forms and identities.
Frequency and rhythm, melody and silence transport consciousness beyond the state of perception to communication with the intelligent presence open within and beyond everything. We humans are responsible for more than our own lives and desires. We must learn to listen to other species and respect their existence. .

On my blog I tell stories of the stars, like, I pray and dance. I create, I co-create Lumi my fruit seed in gaia