About Rhythm


Rhythm Medicine®, a modality of creative play that utilizes movement, sound, ritual, and immersion in nature to extend the usual boundaries of conscious awareness and expression.  As a facilitator, Sara guides participants towards inner refuges of healing and the realms of poetry and dreams, catalyzing a journey of exploration and self-discovery that encompasses the mundane and the mythic, the subtle and the sublime.


Be part of our tribe

21 days

Daily practices of connecting with the body through dance. A complete program for emotional unlocking and connection to your heart.
Teaching material, food, shiatsu, quantum physics, multidimensional techniques, body instruments and chakra dance.

7 days

Immerse yourself in the experience of Rythme Medicine and wake up your body. Amazing dance, rhytmo and sound techniques. Discover the dance of your body and learn to activate your joy.

Individual Sessions

Create your own rhythm and dance with individual body therapy classes for emotional unlocking and body empowerment. Satíya is dedicated and careful in her sessions, which can be personal or online.

Rhythm medicine

If you want to have a more free and authentic life, dance this truth, come with our tribe

“The rytme medicine sessions healed me deeply, moving my body made me fall out, it’s fascinating.” 

Gabriela Pakuczewsky

I got to know Satíya’s music when she lowered her sound to a new song she was mixing. When I met Ritmo Medicina, I was completely crazy about the proposal and you know what? It was everything I imagined to integrate the power of music into my work.

Jane James

Individual medical rhythm sessions saved me after giving birth. My body is rebuilding itself and I feel alive again, now I know what to do when fear hits my heart.

Joyce Owens